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ARO Aerial Mission Control room

Mission Planning

The first thing we do when evaluating a project is utilizing mapping software to get an idea of the area. By utilizing satellite imagery, we are able to get a feel for the layout of the property.

We check for any obstructions, such as tall trees that may change the flight path or altitude, any hazards such as traffic, and safe takeoff/landings.

We also use Google Street View. if available, to gain a rough idea of structure heights from a ground level.



Next, we use latitude and longitude data to make the location of the flight as specific as possible. Once we begin to chart a flight path for image capture, we use data available from the Federal Aviation Administration to check for NOTAM, or Notice To Airmen. These are notices filed to alert pilots of potential hazards along a flight path or location. NOTAMs allow us to ensure a safe, clean flyover.

Fly the Mission

We bring many useful tools & equipment with us on-site, such as flight maps, backup batteries, SD cards, repair kits, and mobile devices. Our gear changes with the uniqueness of every flight, but we always have the staples! While on-site, we will review the image capture to ensure we have the footage the client wants. If necessary, we will also take digital photos to supplement the client’s request.


Once we have everything we need, we head back to our office to compile the gathered videos & photos to create the final product.

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