• Are you a construction manager who wants photos of your site? This is the best way to report progress to project stakeholders.
  • Maybe you’re a real estate agent who wants to get and sell more listing with video tours…
  • Or what if you’re a commercial property manager and need a marketing video to attract new tenants?

You’ve come to the right place! 


Why? Because ARO Aerial brings you 4K high-quality drone photos and video. These enhance whatever project you’re working on!


But here’s a problem you may not even know you had. 


By law, any commercial drone pilot must have an FAA license to fly within the United States. The FAA states that if you knowingly hire unlicensed pilots, you can face fines starting at $11,000!

You don’t have to worry about that with us! 


All ARO Aerial pilots are FAA licensed and fully compliant with these rules. We provide you with a quality product and service without the stress of potential fines. So, contact us today and let us help see your world… differently!


We service Mansfield, Ashland, Shelby, Ontario, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Akron. (If you live outside of these areas, that’s ok too. We can still make appropriate accommodations to provide drone services for you. We can discuss details.)


Roof Inspections

Storm Damage?  We can help!  Wind and Hail Damage is common throughout Ohio and this has given rise to requests for aerial roof inspections. Don’t want to get up on your roof? Me neither.  Let us capture high-resolution pictures and assess the damage done to your home or property.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is one of the most common ways to showcase a home.

Real Estate agents will stand out amongst the competition. Homebuyers are able to see the entire property in beautiful aerial shots. What a great way to connect motivated buyers with motivated sellers!

Aerial Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! 

Aerial Video enables you to bring a whole new perspective to video. We can capture low-altitude, high-resolution footage for a variety of uses. From 720P to 4K Video capture, we’ve got you covered!

3D Mapping & Modeling

Nowadays 3D capabilities are everywhere. ARO Aerial can also provide 2D/3D Modeling for your home or business.  This is a combination of art and science and certain conditions must be met for best results.  

*3D interior maps are available as an additional service.

ARO Aerial offers a variety of aerial imagery options to suit your various needs. The ARO Aerial fleet consists of DJI Phantom and Mavic Series drones, which are capable of capturing up to 4K Ultra HD video & imagery.

Schedule a Mission

ARO Aerial Mission Control room

Mission Planning

The first thing we do when evaluating a project is utilizing mapping software to get an idea of the area. By utilizing satellite imagery, we are able to get a feel for the layout of the property.

We check for any obstructions, such as tall trees that may change the flight path or altitude, any hazards such as traffic, and safe takeoff/landings.

We also use Google Street View. if available, to gain a rough idea of structure heights from a ground level.



Next, we use latitude and longitude data to make the location of the flight as specific as possible. Once we begin to chart a flight path for image capture, we use data available from the Federal Aviation Administration to check for NOTAM, or Notice To Airmen. These are notices filed to alert pilots of potential hazards along a flight path or location. NOTAMs allow us to ensure a safe, clean flyover.

Fly the Mission

We bring many useful tools & equipment with us on-site, such as flight maps, backup batteries, SD cards, repair kits, and mobile devices. Our gear changes with the uniqueness of every flight, but we always have the staples! While on-site, we will review the image capture to ensure we have the footage the client wants. If necessary, we will also take digital photos to supplement the client’s request.


Once we have everything we need, we head back to our office to compile the gathered videos & photos to create the final product.

*Starting at pricing

**Virtual Tours Start at 250 up to 1500 Square Feet

Adrian O’Dell

Looking For A Professional?

I have been flying drones since 2016 and am a FAA107 certified UAS Remote Pilot.  As a former All-American High Jumper, I’m conditioned to strive to reach new heights! ARO Aerial offers a variety of aerial imagery options to suit your various needs. I have the capability to capture raw footage as well as capturing a mix of aerial and ground videos for production.


The ARO Aerial fleet consists of DJI Phantom and Mavic Series drones are capable of a range from 720p HD to 4K Ultra HD video quality. We have the capability to capture raw footage as well as capturing a mix of aerial and ground videos for production.

*Creative editing of projects with Adobe Premiere video editing software is available upon request.


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